The Project

Digital literacy, together with literacy and numeracy, are seen as a fundamental asset whose lack is considered to be almost invalidating. Almost every day new digital technologies are developed or evolve from existing ones, changing human behavior in social, educational, working and many other fields. The pace at which innovation moves is so fast that it leaves behind some portions of the population, especially older population groups or the people that for some reason left their studies at an early age. Nevertheless, even in highly educated population groups digital knowledge is often at a very low or inexistent level.
One of the fields that has undergone an exceptional amount of changes caused by the digital transformation phenomenon, is labor field, in which the ever-growing use of digital technologies is creating the risk for some sectors to be left behind and to become obsolete and outdated.
OFFSET intends to foster the acquisition of digital and entrepreneurial skills for handcrafting entrepreneurs and handicraftsmen, affecting both the educational and digital society themes of the “Europe 2020 Strategy” COM(2010) 2020 final, and following the indications given by the “Digital Education Action Plan” COM(2018) 22 final.