Second Learning Teaching and Training Activity and fourth Transnational Project Meeting in Nicosia


It was so interesting and fun. 🔝🔝🔝
We have just got back from four very productive days we spent in Nicosia, Cyprus, during which we held the fourth Transnational Project Meeting and the second Learning, Teaching and Training Activity of the project. 🧠🛠️

During the meeting, which was held on the first day, we discussed what are the final steps to complete the last planned activities. We talked about the materials and their high quality, and how to further refine what has been produced. We then talked about multiplier events, and communication and dissemination activities. 🎤💅

The other three days, however, we participated in the testing activities of the materials produced so far. We focused in particular on testing the various MOOC modules, the contents and operation of the Library, and the Self-Assessment Tool. The results obtained were very satisfactory and promising. 🕶️

We then had time in the evening to also see something of the city and socialize among participants. 🍽️

We would like to thank Emphasys Centre for hosting us and organizing and running both events excellently, and we would like to thank CCIS Madrid for the wonderful coordination work. We also want to thank the other partners for the commitment and dedication shown during the activities of both the project and these days.  🎉🎉🎉

Please continue to follow us to stay updated on project developments and missing activities. 👀

Thank you and see you soon!!!


Third Transnational Project Meeting and First Learning Teaching and Training Activity in Ancona


😮Wow!!! What an extraordinary week has been the one that just ended for OFFSET’s partnership.🤯

We started on Monday the 20th of February by meeting in Ancona for a Transnational Project Meeting. We discussed and planned a lot on the final steps for the finalization of the first Project Result, our training materials on digitalization and entrepreneurship for the handcrafting sector and related VET. Then we proceeded by planning how to develop and implementation the products that will be produced in Project Result 2. We have lots of surprises in store for you.🔝

And now to the juicy part…

From Tuesday the 21st to Thursday 23rd we were hosted by Università Politecnica delle Marche in their premises for project’s first Learning, Teaching and Training Activity. It was so interesting and captivating. We tested contents for all topics and we are really proud and excited for the quality of the results achieved by our joint efforts.

Moreover, as to get ulterior inspiration, we also visited the University’s Virtual Reality lab and Rinoteca, a handcrafter who has successfully implemented digitalization in its activity. 💪💪💪

We want again to thank our hosting partner for the organization and hosting of the two events, and we also thank our Lead Partner CCIS Madrid for the coordination of the TPM and of the project so far.

As always we want to all the other partners for their efforts, and in particular Emphasys Centre as coordinator of PR1.


Keep in touch with us to stay informed on further development of the project.

Our Second Transnational Project Meeting in The Hague


Friday 30th of September 2022 our partnership met for OFFSET’s 2nd Transnational Meeting in The Hague in the beautiful premises of our partner LIDI SMART Solutions.

We started by discussing project management stuff but we quickly went onto Project Result 1’s so far produced content (namely the training course materials).

We are really satisfied with what we achieved and we think that the materials will be a great source of knowledge and inspiration for present and future handcrafting sector entrepreneurs in their path towards the digitalization of their professions.

We also discussed our next step in PR1’s production which is the creation of materials specifically targeted towards VET trainers and business coaches and we think that what we came up with what will be not only a pleasant surprise but also an extraordinary tool.

Lastly, we discussed about the preparation activities for the Learning, Teaching and Training Activity which will serve as pilot for PR1’s materials and for which we had some wonderful and interesting ideas.

In inviting you all in keeping an eye on our progresses, we want to thank again our hosting partner and our coordinator CCIS Madrid for their hard work in organizing and directing the meeting.

Moreover we want to thank the coordinator for PR1’s production, Emphasys Centre, for their hard work and wonderful ideas so far, and Univpm Università Politecnica delle Marche for their proposals for the LTTA.

Lastly we want to thank all the partners for their precious contributions during the meeting and in project implementation.

We want to wish everyone good luck in the next steps of the project!

Kick-off meeting in Madrid and start of OFFSET’s activities


Yesterday the entire partnership participated in the kick-off meeting of project OFFSET, cofounded through the ERASMUS+ KA220-VET. The meeting was held in Madrid (Spain), in blended modality, by our project coordinator, the Camara de Comercio e Industria Italiana para Espana, in their wonderful premises.

OFFSET deals with teaching to handcrafting sector entrepreneurs the digital and entrepreneurial skills they may need to upscale their business, and with giving to VET trainers and business coaches all the instruments to further upgrade their supporting and knowledge-transmitting capabilities on those topics to present and future handcrafting entrepreneurs.

We started by overviewing all that needs to be done during project implementation, focusing in particular on management,  dissemination, and LTTA activities. Then the colleagues from  A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd, coordinators for the production of PR1, presented their wonderful proposal for course’s syllabus and implementation deadlines.

We can only say that great things will await those who will use our training materials!

Lastly, we want to thank the entire partnership for their concrete and useful contributions in the development of yesterday’s discussion, and to wish everyone good luck in the start and continuation of the project!