General Objective

One of the main goals of the EU is to ease the digital transition process for all working and economic sectors. For a systemic transition, digital and entrepreneurial skills must be infused in the mindset of present and future generations of entrepreneurs, shaping the business environment in a way that favors the creation of new businesses, capable of understanding the positive influences that those skills will bring them and also to apply them.


Specific Objective 1

Train the trainers: Producing a collection of best practices and educational materials to fill digital and entrepreneurial knowledge gaps for handcrafting VET trainers and business coaches.


Specific Objective 2

Create/enhance handcrafting entrepreneurs’ digital and entrepreneurial skills and competencies.


Specific Objective 3

Improve the awareness of present handcrafting entrepreneurs and investors on the possibilities offered by digital technologies and instruments implementation in handcrafting sector.

Expected main results of the project

1. Increase the knowledge of VET providers and business coaches on the already existing good and best practices in the field of digitalization of the handcrafting sector, also increasing their awareness regarding the possibilities it offers to startups and already existing enterprises.

2. Increase the knowledge of present entrepreneurs and investors on the topics stated above, as a way of obtaining a multiplier effect on digitalization application to handcrafting sector entrepreneurship.

3. Supporting the creation of locally based digital handcrafting startups.